Broken Ties & Other stories by Rabindranath Tagore

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This book is Rabindranath Tagore’s sixth creative work. The book is different from all his other works and is written in a refreshingly different style.

The main story in the book, Broken Ties, revolves around the life of Satish, who lives with his uncle Jagamohan. One day, Satish and Jagamohan have a conflict and Satish leaves his uncle’s house. Some time passes Satish’s departure, and soon, he returns to the same house with a request for a favour. Satish wants to save a girl named Nonibala who is being tortured by one of the neighbourhood goons. Jagamohan offers refuge to Noni in his home. But Satish’s brother, Purandar, misbehaves with Noni. Disappointed with the developments and eager to save Noni, Satish offers to marry her. But, before the ceremony can take place, one of the characters decides to take a drastic step.

Satish is an atheist, and in pursuit of spirituality he becomes a disciple of Swami Lilananda and travels along with him doing ‘kirtans’. In pursuit of Satish, Srivilas joins him too. They visit Shivatosh, one of Lilananda’s chief disciples in Calcutta. There they meet the beautiful, vivacious Damini, Shivatosh’s wife. Shivatosh has donated all his wealth to the Swami. When he passes away suddenly, Damini joins Swami’s entourage.

She falls in love with Satish and the feeling is mutual. Damini hates the Swami and Srivilas is her only aide in the group. When things begin to look up for Damini, a terrible twist of fate turns her life upside down. Without being able to choose a life partner of her own volition, Damini is forced into something unpleasant.

What happened to Damini? What does Satish feel about the incidents that take place? This book answers these questions and more.
The other stories in the book include In The Night, The Editor, The Lost Jewels, The Fugitive Gold, Giribala, and Emancipation.

All stories are complete and unabridged. 168 pages.

ISBN: 9788176060813

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Broken Ties & Other stories by Rabindranath Tagore


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