Rudyard Kipling- Selected Stories

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Rudyard Kipling is one of the few very famous authors of the English language to have originated from India. Born in Bombay, Kipling made a significant contribution to English Literature in various genres including poetry, short story and novel. In the whole sweep of his adult storytelling, Kipling displays a steadily developing art in his early short stories set in India through the collections ‘Life’s Handicap’ (1891), ‘Many Inventions’ (1893), ‘The Day’s Work’ (1898), ‘Traffics and Discoveries’ (1904), ‘Actions and Reactions’ (1909), ‘Debits and Credits’ (1926), and ‘Limits and Renewals’ (1932). His later stories cannot exactly be called better than the earlier ones, they are as good—and they bring a subtler if less dazzling technical proficiency to the exploration of deeper though sometimes more perplexing themes. There is much in Kipling’s later art to curtail its popular appeal. It is compressed and elliptical in manner and sombre in many of its themes. Rudyard Kipling was the first Englishman to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature (1907). In this collection, we present some of his great stories.

All stories are complete & unabridged. 352 Pages.


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Rudyard Kipling- Selected Stories


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