Dostoyevsky- Selected Stories

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Fyodor (Mikhaylovich) Dostoyevsky’s psychological penetration into the human soul profoundly influenced the readers. He presented interacting characters with contrasting views or ideas about freedom of choice. Dostoevsky’s central obsession was God, whom his characters constantly search through painful errors and humiliations. ‘White Nights’, ‘Notes from Underground’ and other great stories are included in this collection. Like many of Dostoevsky’s stories, ‘White Nights’ is told in first person by a nameless narrator who lives alone in a city and suffers from loneliness and the inability to stop thinking. The character is an archetype of a perpetual dreamer. He lives his life in his own mind. Several film adaptations of this story have been made by reputed directors from around the world. ‘Notes from Underground’, a psychological study of an outsider, emerged from the turmoil of the 1860s. The story continues with the monologue of the underground man, who reveals his inner self to his imaginary reader. ‘Notes from Underground’ marked a watershed in Dostoevsky’s artistic development.

All stories are complete and unabridged.

336 pages.

ISBN: 9788176060738

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Dostoyevsky- Selected Stories


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