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Ghost Omnibus by Various authors

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The spine chilling pages containing ghost and horror stories by the best writers in the world. Table of Contents Contents R. L. Stevenson: The Body-Snatcher M. R. James: Canon Alberic’S Scrapbook Guy De Maupassant: The Horla J. Sheridan Le Fanu:An Account Of Some Strange Disturbances In Aungier Street Edgar Allan Poe: The Angel Of The Odd- An Extravaganza Honore De Balzac:The Elixir Of Life Thomas Hardy:The Three Strangers M. R. James:Mezzotint W. W. Jacobs: The Toll-House Rudyard Kipling:My Own True Ghost Story H.P. Lovecraft:The Beast In The Cave Arthur Conan Doyle :How It Happened Le Fanu:The Vision Of Tom Chuff Algernon Blackwood:The Whisperers E. F. Benson:The Caterpillars Algernon Blackwood:Skeleton Lake John Lang: Fisher’S Ghost Bram Stoker:The Secret Of The Growing Gold Edgar Wallace:The Stranger Of The Night Edgar Allan Poe:Metzengerstein Arthur Conan Doyle:The Brown Hand M. R. James :Rats Dickens:The Ghost In Master B’S Room Rudyard Kipling:By Word Of Mouth Guy De Maupassant:On The River Wilkie Collins:Mrs. Zant And The Ghost Daniel Defoe:The Ghost In All The Rooms Conan Doyle:The Bully Of Brocas Court Henry James:The Real Right Thing M. R. James:The Haunted Dolls House Edgar Allan Poe:William Wilson Saki:The Soul Of Laploshka Algernon Blackwood: The Woman’S Ghost Story Vincent O’Sullivan:The Interval Ambrose Bierce:The Damned Thing.

All stories are complete and unabridged. Total pages: 448

ISBN: 9788176061575

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Ghost Omnibus by Various authors


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