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Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler

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“Mein Kampf” authored by the crook himself Adolf Hitler, one of the most misguided man to have wrecked the human race including his own brethren, the Germans. The whole world suffered the shocks and shivers for his personal Kampf turned out to be the German Kampf. How millions of learned and noble Germans could come to worship a man and willingly obey his every word, whim and fancy, paralleled by more followers of Jesus Christ, Mohammed and Buddha stands out as one more example of the powers of oratory, charisma and hypnotic appeals. Our history goes on repeating at periodic intervals throwing out an extraonce be a Napoleon, a Muhammed Ghori, a Joan of Arc or another time, a Shivaji, a Basavanna, a Guru Govind and so on. In line with their aims and abilities, these children of Fate pushed the world at their feet u above the sky or down to the depths of bottomless pits. To the latter category belongs this racial diehard from Germany with his obscurantist notions of birth as deciding factor in evaluating and granting a status to a human being. And he tells us: India can never be a sovereign and secular republic. Egypt can only be a crippled country a Jew has to be condemned because he is a Jew. 640 pages. Complete and unabridged.

ISBN 9788176061766

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Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler


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