SAKI- The Complete Short Stories

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Saki (Hector Hugh Munro) is best known for his witty, sometimes whimsical, often cynical and bizarre short stories. His best tales are often more macabre than Kipling’s. In his early stories, Saki often portrayed eccentric characters, familiar from Oscar Wilde’s plays. Saki’s most frequently anthologized short stories are Tobermory’, ‘Sredni Vastar’, ‘The Unrest Cure’ etc. He was a misogynist, anti-semite, and reactionary, who also did not take himself too serious. His stories, ‘true enough to be interesting and not true enough to be tiresome’, were considered ideal reading for schoolboys. However, Saki did not have any interest in safeguarding the Edwardian way of life. In this volume, we present a complete collection of his short stories.

All stories are complete & unabridged.


  • Paperback: 480 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9788176060547
  • Package Dimensions: 21 x 14 x 2.4 cm

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