O Henry : 100 Selected Stories

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The entire career or William Sydney Porter (O Henry) as a writer spanned less than 16 years. And even after almost a century, his writings are as lively and entertaining as ever. He is one of the most loved short story writers. Porter had published more than 300 short stories- stories which virtually defined that form for many years to come. Porter’s stories are remembered for twist of plots and surprise endings. By any measurements one chooses to apply, qualitative or quantitative, William Sydney Porter should always occupy a unique place in American fiction writing. He deserves to be rediscovered by each succeeding generation of readers and scholars.

In this collection, we present 100 best stories of O Henry. The stories are selected from The Four Million, The Heart of the West, The Trimmed Lamp, The Gentle Grafter, Strictly Business, Options, Six & Sevens, Roads of Destiny, The Voice of the City, Whirligigs and The Rolling Stones. All stories are complete and unabridged.

Paperback: 576 pages

ISBN-13: 9788176060462

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